Micro Motion Announce New Calibration Strategy

As of January 2013, Micro Motion (Emerson) will be operating an entirely new calibration procedure in accordance with DECC’s latest requirements.

Research conducted on the combined effects of temperature & pressure on liquid densitometers has resulted in DECC stating that as of 2013, all liquid densitometer calibrations should be as per their anticipated operating conditions.

ALL 7835 Micro Motion densitometer models will be supported by the new procedure, and as of next month (December), we will be operating our entirely new inspection and cleaning facility specifically intended for Micro Motion densitometers.

Micro Motion are currently in the process of preparing their new calibration stands for full operation in mid-January next year. A target of mid-2013 has also been established for ISO 17025 approval of the new stands.

Full details can be acquired in this presentation.

Please contact us at cwoodford@fiscalinst.com or pknox@fiscalinst.com if you require re-calibrations of your 7835 densitometers or require any further information.

Caithness Metering Skid Testing

After successfully removing the Micro Motion coriolis meter and calibrating it, FisCal’s engineers have been concentrating on the refurbishment of Caithness’ metering skid over the past few weeks.

Our engineering team have ensured that all the skid’s instrumentation have been calibrated and tested in accordance with our client’s (Caithness) specification.

Fiscal Providing the metering system upgrade to Ithaca Energy Athena development.

Fiscal are currently delivering the metering system upgrade for the Ithaca Athena development, which includes the supply of the turbine flow meters Faure Herman,  new flow computers, Emerson S600, from Swinton Technology and an Inline sampler system, from Cameron Measurement. As part of our scope we will install and commission the new equipment in Dubai whilst the vessel under goes modifications