Faure Herman

Established for more than 80 years and with more than 50,000 custody transfer meters sold worldwide, Faure Herman is recognised as a leader in the field of flow measurement.

Calibration/Services – All new & recertified meters are calibrated on product from 0.5-400 cst over ranges from 10 l/h to 3800 m3/h.

Ultrasonic Flowmeters – Faure Herman has produced a unique range of “full bore” ultrasonic flow meters for custody transfer & process applications.

Turbine Flowmeters – Faure Herman has built a worldwide reputation thanks to the HELIFLU turbine flowmeter which has an established and enviable track record in the oil industry. The HELIFLU uses a unique helical bladed technology which makes them virtually insensitive to density and viscosity.

In addition, Faure Herman is able to offer an extensive range of turbine meters for rail & truck loading, aircraft & military refuelling and bespoke applications.


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