Calibration and Services


Faure Herman is able to perform both calibration and re-calibration of flowmeters over a wide range of flowrates and viscosities.

  • National Approval LNE for legal metrology OIML class 0.3 in addition to compliance to API, ISO & NPD requirements
  • Flowrates from 10 L/H TO 4,000 M3/H and viscosities from 0.5 to 500cst
  • Fifteen approved test facilities including Ball provers, Piston provers & Master meters

Service and Support

In addition to flowmeter calibration, Faure Herman is able to offer a range of tailored services to maximise your measurement performance.

  • Worldwide Commisioning and on site assistance
  • Spare parts and metering management contracts
  • Factory and site based training courses for technicians & engineers