Turbine Flowmeters

Heliflu TZN CUS

A unique and proven turbine metering solution for custody transfer meters operating on waxy crude.

The innovative design with modified helical rotor and patented anti-fouling bearing eliminates wax, DRA & fibres fouling the bearing or coating the blades.

  • Reduction in meter factor shifts
  • Cartridge style internal compatible with all TZN Heliflu bodies
  • Viscosity range from 0.1 to 350 Cst
  • Linearity >+/- 0.15% with repeatability of +/-0.02%

Heliflu TZN

The Heliflu is the proven custody transfer solution for a wide variety of of high accuracy measurements from light LPG to heavy crude oils.

  • Removable calibrated cartridges allow maximum operational flexibility
  • Wide range-ability with up to 15-1 turndown
  • Very low pressure drop & back pressure
  • Robust Monoblock construction in wide variety of exotic materials including duplex, 6 Mo & titanium
  • Linearity of +/-0.15% with 0.02% repeatability
  • Master meter configuration with integral flow straightener


Designed to optimize hydrocarbon transfers for rail & truck loading for low to medium viscosity liquids.

  • Integrated flow conditioner
  • Single K factor for 2 products
  • Upstream/downstream conditioning eliminated


A true low cost solution with helical blade performance for low viscosity liquids.


Faure Herman’s insertion turbine is ideal for large bore pipe-work where repeatable and accurate measurements are critical.