FlowSic 600

Following many years of experience and improvement of the ultrasonic measuring technique, SICK launched the FlowSic 600 in 2003 and has now installed and commissioned over 1600 units [01/2009] in around 43 countries worldwide. With the ability to extend the number of meters measuring paths in the free area of the x shaped measuring section giving true redundancy and concealed cabling, SICK has confirmed its intention as a true innovator in meter design.

  • 3D installation length allows retrofit with existing gas turbines
  • Bi-directional with no pressure drop
  • 2″ to 48″ {DN50-DN1200] with max velocity up to 65 m/s
  • Pressure range from 0 to 450 barg and temperature range from -194 to 280 deg C
  • Wide turndown up to 120;1
  • Best Accuracy +/- 0.2% with high pressure calibration
  • Transducer replacement under pressure
  • Concealed cabling
  • Less sensitive to C02 & ultrasonic noise

Operating Principle – Transit Time

Two ultrasonic transducers, which are installed under an angle to the flow axis, operate alternately as a transmitter and receiver. The signals transmitted through the gas accelerate in the direction of the flow and decelerate against the the direction of the flow. The difference in propogation times is used to determine the mean gas velocity.

The FlowSic 600 can be equipped with 1, 2 or 4 measuring paths that offer the usage from measurements with lesser precision requirements up to custody transfer application. The standard installation length of 3D allows to replace existing turbine meters without pipe readjustments. Because adjustable impulse outputs or Modbus connections are available, already installed flow computers do not have to be replaced.