EPS Meter2di Launch

FisCal will mark the official launch of the Meter2di – designed by EPS – at this year’s upcoming North Sea Flow Measurement Workshop scheduled for October 23-26.

The Meter2di is a patented system for the process of inspecting and changing orifice plates in conformance with stringent industry guidelines.


  • Double isolation with visible proofing mechanism.
  • Patented quick release design means plate cannot be installed backwards.
  • All valve and internal chamber seals can be locked into position.
  • Precision machined meter runs.


Where to find us at NSFMW: Stand 3, Conference Centre (Section B), Fairmont St Andrews Hotel.

Further details about the EPS Meter2di can be found here.

Detailed information regarding the event itself can be found at this address.

Should you desire any information not displayed above, please contact Brian Haigh or Connor Woodford.